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We install, replace, repair, restore, and coat roofs on both commercial and residential properties in Indianapolis and the whole of Indiana.

We specialize in metal roofing. And we also work on other types of roofing like flat roofs, asphalt shingles, composite, cedar shake, etc.

We also work on gutters, skylights, and attic venting.

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Metal Roofing Indianapolis: Commercial, Residential, Repair, Installation, Replacement, Coating, Etc.

We provide complete roofing solutions in Indianapolis for homeowners and business owners, from installations and replacements to repairs, coatings, restorations, and rejuvenations. We also offer guttering, skylights, and attic venting services.

While we specialize in metal roofing, we also work on all other types of roofing. We cover Indianapolis and the whole state of Indiana.

Residential Roofing Indianapolis

Indianapolis roofing services provide homeowners with assistance for fixing or replacing their damaged roofs, choosing appropriate materials, inspecting it using methods like 17-point safety analysis or visual inspection, fixing clogged gutters or installing exterior siding replacements.

Residential roofing is one of the most commonly found forms of roofing in the US. Composed mainly of asphalt shingles – durable against weather elements yet cost effective – attached to plywood rafters that form the roof deck, this form of roof installation or repair must be performed promptly and efficiently by an experienced company like ours.

We are a local roofing company providing both residential and commercial roofing services. Our team of professionals strives to offer exceptional services; these values include loyalty, availability and attention to detail.

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Commercial Roofing Indianapolis

Roofs serve an integral function in protecting commercial properties and your tenants, employees, inventory, equipment, and other valuable assets. Commercial roofs should last decades before needing replacing; if yours has reached its full age or is experiencing leakage issues, it may be time for a replacement.

Regular roof repairs from our trusted commercial roofing contractors can extend its lifespan and protect against costly leaks. Furthermore, keeping your commercial roof clear of debris such as leaves or branches that fall can prevent drains from clogging properly and lead to structural issues on your roof; our regular inspection service can detect these problems before they cause major issues.

Our Indianapolis roofing contractors offer solutions tailored to the specific requirements of your commercial roof. Selecting appropriate materials, design specifications and details are essential to its long-term performance and we offer a range of commercial roof styles including TPO, EPDM, built-up roof, PVC, modified bitumen, spray polyurethane foam, metal roofing styles, as well as emergency and scheduled repairs, preventive maintenance plans, roof coating services and storm damage roof repair.

Roof Installation Indianapolis

If you’re planning to install a new roof, it is essential that you recognize its cost-intensive nature. Whether installing a new roof or replacing and old one for aesthetic reasons or storm damage repairs, be sure to plan accordingly by consulting our roofing professionals early on.

Cost factors that influence roof installations vary by labor costs and materials used, including labor. Some materials are more costly than others and some require special permits to use. Furthermore, roof replacement requires demolishing and disposing of your old system quickly adding on additional expenses that add up quickly.

We provides residential and commercial roofing services. Our professionals conduct inspection to check for sagging, moisture issues or missing shingles as well as provide ice and water barriers to improve structural resilience and prevent leaks. Furthermore, our staff re-roof homes, install gutters/screens/gutter covers as well as paint both interiors and exteriors using quality energy efficient materials which we source responsibly from local providers while being licensed, insured and providing free estimates.

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Roof Replacement Indianapolis

Roof replacement can be an undertaking that takes considerable time and money, particularly if damaged by inclement weather conditions. When searching for the ideal contractor to undertake such an endeavor, experience and expertise are both key components. At Metal Roofing Indianapolis, we have both. When it comes to replacements, we guarantee quality results every time!

We provide roof installation, repair and restoration services to both residential and commercial properties – including high security buildings. We also specialize in gutter and skylights.

As a locally-owned and operated business that offers quality services to its clients – our certified roofers specialize in fixing leaks, storm damage repairs, missing shingles, repairs and more!

Roof Repair Indianapolis

At some point, even the best roofs require repair. Whether your old and worn-down roof needs replacing or you have experienced storm-related damage to it, our professional roofing contractors can complete this work. We can make all the difference in restoring it back to its former condition.

Dependent upon the type of roof you own, you may require either full replacement or just some damaged sections replaced. Though full roof replacement may be the preferred choice for many properties, before making this decision it is advisable to consult our roofing professionals in order to establish what best fits for you.

We provide roof repair and maintenance services for homeowners and business owners. In addition, our roofing contractors are trained to recognize signs of leaky roofs as well as inspect, install and repair systems. Additionally, we may assist with gutters and skylights. We serve clients throughout the whole state of Indiana.

Metal Roof Repair Indianapolis
storm damage roofing repair

Hail, Storm, and Wind Damage Roof Repair Indianapolis

Your roof serves as the first line of defense against harsh elements, keeping you comfortable both warm and cool while shielding against harsh storm weather. If a storm, hail, or the wind has damaged it in any way, take prompt action to have it repaired immediately.

Dependent upon the severity of damage, filing an insurance claim could be necessary. Document all aspects of damage and loss as thoroughly as possible so your adjuster can efficiently assess it and determine what coverage exists.

After a storm has passed through your area, it is also wise to inspect your home carefully from within. Look out for water spots or soft areas on ceilings and walls which could indicate that a leaky roof exists; additionally, head upstairs into the attic and inspect for damaged shingles or loose insulation.

Roof Tarping Indianapolis

Roof tarping services provide temporary protection to areas of the roof that have been compromised due to weather or an accident, providing critical stability while repairs can be made permanently, safeguarding its structure and limiting further damage.

Emergency roof tarping services are available following severe storms with large hail and wind, fire damage or tree falls onto roofs causing vandalism or roofers determining that a tree fell onto them due to vandalism. Our roofers will assess the damage and determine what size tarp will best cover it; either using ladders, safety harnesses or drones they’ll survey the extent of it all before placing one over it.

Roof features like chimneys, plumbing vents and skylights are more challenging to tarp effectively. We must either cut holes for these features, or use an adhesive tarp that has glue-like material built into its construction to adhere to shingles securely. Regular checks on your tarp to make sure it hasn’t become punctured by rainwater, snow or other weather elements should be performed to ensure its integrity is preserved.

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roof leak repair

Roof Leak Repair Indianapolis

Whenever your roof leaks, it’s vital that our roof leak repair services be sought immediately to protect both you and your home from water damage as well as mold or mildew which could spread into walls, ceilings and furniture and cause irreparable harm.

Finding a leak quickly requires checking for water marks or discolorations on your ceiling or walls, or by using a flashlight to see where daylight is entering through your roof. Leaks could be caused by missing shingles, vertical slits in your roof’s decking or damaged gutters and downspouts – among many other possible culprits.

To fix a roof leak, we will first need to remove the affected shingle. Our roofing professionals should assist in this task as it can be dangerous and challenging alone.

Emergency Roof Repair Indianapolis

Your roof serves a vital purpose in protecting both its contents and you from inclement weather, yet can take a beating from Mother Nature – especially during intense storms which can rip off shingles and cause structural damage to roof decking – leaving it susceptible to leakage and mold growth in your home.

Our emergency roof repair services aim to address these problems quickly and affordably. Our professional roofers will inspect your roof to assess its cause as well as any leakage issues; then, temporary protective measures can be put in place and repairs will begin immediately.

emergency roof repair
roof maintenance

Roof Maintenance Indianapolis

Maintaining the integrity of your roof is of utmost importance in protecting both your belongings and loved ones from harsh elements. Regular roof inspections can identify any potential problems before they spiral out of control.

Homeowners insurance policies often cover damage to roofs, but the exact circumstances depend on your policy and the cause of the damage. If you notice damage on your roof, it’s crucial that you contact our roofing contractors immediately in order to address it quickly before it gets worse.

Roof Inspection Indianapolis

An inspection differs significantly from an estimate, in that it involves an in-depth examination of your roof that goes well beyond just its visible surfaces. Our professional roof inspectors can detect issues that would otherwise remain hidden to most individuals; especially after storm damage has caused long-term effects that aren’t immediately obvious.

We will inspect the condition of the shingles ourselves, looking out for curling or missing tiles as well as signs that there might be leakage through your roof such as aggregate settling in valleys or gutter downspouts – both telltale signs that water might be entering. We’ll also evaluate flashing where roof elements meet, as well as penetration seals on vent pipes, skylights, etc.

Our roof inspectors also conduct an in-home assessment, inspecting attic and ceiling areas for water stains, mold growth or wet wood damage. Furthermore, thermographic scanners may be employed to locate hotspots on your roof which indicate heat loss.

roof inspection
roof restoration

Roof Restoration Indianapolis

Roofs are among the most crucial elements of any home, providing shelter from rain and sunlight while helping regulate temperatures inside. Unfortunately, however, roofs can sustain damage over time; discolorations, cracking and leaks all require action to ensure protection of your home and family.

Roof restoration can be an attractive alternative to full re-roofing, as it involves cleaning and repainting of an existing surface of your roof. Roof restoration works especially well on metal or colorbond roofs because no tiles need to be reinstalled – or metal roofs can even be colored using an acrylic or silicone-based coating; usually pressure cleaning, applying rust inhibitor and finally the desired coating are used on this process.

Roof restoration involves more than replacing tiles; it includes repairing damaged ridge caps and replacing broken or missing tiles, as well as replacing any rusty metal fixtures on the roof that require repair. A restoration may also include installing rain collars onto all pipe jack boots – these can become fragile from UV exposure over time.

Roof Rejuvenation Indianapolis

Roof rejuvenation is a scientifically developed roofing spray treatment. It strengthens old roofs and restores them back to their original integrity, saving homeowners money by prolonging their lifespans and helping protect the environment against storms.

Residents with damaged roofs have various options available to them for repair and replacement. Our roofing professionals specialize in fixing leaky and weather-damaged roofs while helping in the insurance claim process.

We are a company offering both commercial and residential roofing services. We assist our clients in replacing roofing made of asphalt shingles or metal roofing material; installing insulation; as well as emergency roofing repairs caused by hail storms or strong winds.

roof rejuvenation
roofing consultation

Roofing Consultation Indianapolis

When looking for a roofing replacement solution, it is essential to choose an experienced and trustworthy roofers like us. Replacing commercial roofs is a substantial financial commitment; don’t risk taking chances with an inexperienced crew! Our roofing contractors can assist in selecting suitable materials while overseeing a seamless installation process.

Problems with your roof can have an immediate and devastating impact on the interior structure of your house, which is why regular inspections by an expert roofing service should take place to detect potential issues early. We will provide you with a detailed report and recommendations regarding the best solution to any potential problems.

Our roofers can save you both money and energy on homeowners insurance and energy bills, while also decreasing water leaks and mold growth inside your house. Furthermore, we will clear away debris such as leaves or windblown trash to prolong your roof’s lifespan and extend its life expectancy.

Metal Roofing Indianapolis

Metal roofing offers property owners an attractive way to increase the value of their property with renovation-friendly building materials that also add long-term security and energy savings, as well as comprehensive protection from extreme weather events. Many homeowners look towards metal roofs for this reason alone!

Residential metal roofs boast modern aesthetics with impressive durability that add a modern edge to all types of architecture. Many standing seam metal roofs are manufactured using recycled material for increased energy savings while decreasing environmental impact.

Metal roofs provide decades of beauty and protection when properly installed by our Indianapolis roofers. While many people mistakenly believe metal roofs to be noisy, with proper insulation attic and decking it won’t make noise at all! Our experienced crews can assist in all aspects of metal roof installation, replacement, or repair including budget-friendly project plans to meet all your roofing needs.

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aluminum roofing

Aluminum Roofing Indianapolis

One of the most sought-after home upgrades today is metal roof installation. These resilient, sturdy and lightweight structures add instantaneous value and longevity to a property, and aluminum is often chosen as material for such projects.

Steel roof decking weighs more, making it more cumbersome and difficult to handle and transport or install on them. Aluminum is lighter, heats less during the day and therefore helps homeowners reduce energy costs; additionally it’s more eco-friendly as its composition includes recycled materials.

Aluminum roofs offer numerous benefits, such as resistance against corrosion, rust and oxidation as well as pests and environmental conditions. Aluminum can even be coated with special coatings for extra protection. Furthermore, its malleability enables it to be configured into many shapes; its lighter weight also makes it less resistant to denting. Hiring our experienced roofing contractors for installation of your aluminum roof will help alleviate these issues.

Copper Roofing Indianapolis

Copper roofing offers an exquisite addition to any home, making it the ideal choice for those seeking an extra luxurious touch. While asphalt shingles may become damaged due to hail and strong winds, copper will withstand them without damage; furthermore it is fire resistant.

Copper roofs not only add aesthetic value to a property, but they can also increase its market value. Copper comes in various styles and designs from traditional to contemporary; you can even install it over arches, bay windows or front porches!

Copper roofs have a remarkable lifespan! Copper is extremely durable and will gradually form an exquisite blueish-green patina over time – this process can be hastened through chemical treatments; however, many prefer leaving it age naturally for an authentic appearance.

Natural copper may be expensive; for more affordable solutions that emulate its appearance without changing color or oxidization. Pre-painted metals designed to look like real copper are also available.

copper roofing
corrugated metal roofing

Corrugated Metal Roofing Indianapolis

Corrugated metal roofs are among the most widely utilized roofing options, often utilized by industry professionals as prefabricated panels that are shipped in preformed form and attached via fasteners driven through its overlapping curved portions. This design eliminates flashing or drip edge requirements while also helping reduce capillary draw (water migrating through layers of metal and creating leakage issues).

Wavy panels of corrugated metal roofs create an appealing appearance that many homeowners appreciate. A variety of colors is also available so as to match any home’s architectural style and decor.

Their light-colored surface helps keep homes cooler during the summer, and heat-reflective coatings further help lower energy bills. Plus, corrugated metal is eco-friendly – you can recycle it at the end of its lifespan!

Galvalume Roofing Indianapolis

Galvalume roofing can provide superior protection to buildings located in various climates. With its corrosion-resistant qualities, galvalume offers superior protection for snowfall, rainstorms, high winds and wide temperature variations. Although more expensive than galvanized metal alternatives, galvalume provides superior protection for any building.

Galvalume metal roofing combines the best elements of steel, aluminum and zinc into one system. Starting from cold-rolled steel base sheets dipped repeatedly into aluminum-zinc alloys (AZ), until reaching 55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc and 1.6% silicon coating weights.

Residential and commercial metal roofs often consist of pre-painted Galvalume roofs; however, architects sometimes prefer unpainted Galvalume due to its brilliant metallic surface that efficiently reflects heat and sunlight away from your building.

Unpainted Galvalume can be used either to replace old steel and non-metallic roofs or used as an entirely new roof; low slope screw down roofs as well as concealed fastener standing seam roofs can utilize unpainted Galvalume roofing; quality fasteners should always be used on these types of roofs in order to prevent premature deterioration or leaks from developing over time.

galvalume roofing
galvanized roofing

Galvanized Roofing Indianapolis

Galvanized metal roofs offer low maintenance costs while lasting long compared to traditional asphalt shingle roofs, not to mention being environmentally-friendly as steel can be recycled into new steel products.

Galvanizing is a method for protecting metal base sheets against rust by coating it with zinc coatings, such as galvalume. While galvanizing is effective against mild forms of corrosion and rusting, such as those commonly found in some environments (saltwater corrosion for instance), galvalume offers two to four times greater corrosion and rust protection.

Galvanized roofs can often be found adorning old barns and warehouses. Galvanized metal is one of the least costly metal options available and installation is typically simple. R panels give modern buildings an appealing touch. Galvanized metal is even easier to form and bend than Galvalume for more natural-looking results.

Metal Shake Roofing Indianapolis

Our metal shake roofing services create beautiful, long-term roofs. Constructed using various metals such as galvanized steel, galvalume steel and stone-coated steel – much like cedar shake roofing but in more durable form – metal shake shingles offer similar aesthetic qualities as cedar shake roofs but with increased energy efficiency and wind protection capabilities that protect both house and roof itself from potential damage.

Metal roofing has long been a favorite choice among homeowners due to its durability, longevity and design versatility. Metal roofs also serve as energy savers by reflecting sunlight away from your home cooling system and relieving strain. Finally, they’re eco-friendly as well – being completely recyclable when the time comes for replacement.

Metal roofs are an invaluable addition to your home, but make sure it’s installed correctly or it could cause leaks and other issues. Hiring our licensed and insured professional roofing contractors for installation is crucial.

metal shake roofing
metal shingle roofing

Metal Shingle Roofing Indianapolis

Our metal shingle roofing services help residents take full advantage of this superior material. Ideal for Indiana’s extreme summer heat, heavy snowfall, and unpredictable stormy conditions, metal shingles also boast superior energy efficiency and are more cost-efficient than their alternative options.

Metal roofs reflect sunlight and can reduce air conditioning costs in homes they protect, unlike asphalt shingles which can disintegrate under severe weather conditions and melt. Furthermore, they’re fireproof with Class A fire ratings to boot!

Standing seam or traditional shingle roof – we offer metal roofing options to match both looks. They also come in an assortment of colors for your home as well as being light weight for quick installation over existing shingles, using snap-lock seaming for fast installation and seamless appearance.

Metal Tile Roofing Indianapolis

Before asphalt shingles became the go-to roofing material, many builders and residents would choose tile roofs as a popular choice. Tiles remain popular today due to their durability, longevity and design flexibility; modern homeowners frequently opt for them due to insect infestations, mold issues or maintenance needs associated with shingle roofs which don’t exist with them.

Metal tiles are panel-based roofing materials that combine the beauty and longevity of traditional tile with that of steel’s long-life construction, offering homeowners an ideal way to increase the aesthetic value and resale value of their homes. Available in various colors and styles, metal tiles provide durable protection from harsh weather conditions while adding style and value. Metal roof tiles make an excellent way to upgrade the appearance of homes as well as increase resale values – great choices for residents looking to upgrade the appearance or resale value.

metal tile roofing
sheet metal roofing

Sheet Metal Roofing Indianapolis

No matter if it’s new installation or replacement, our sheet metal roofing services provide durable yet lightweight solutions.

Aluminum and steel materials, among other options, are utilized by us in order to meet our clients’ needs. Aluminum panels offer protection from saltwater corrosion while offering multiple colors that make creating custom designs easier than ever.

Copper, zinc and tin metal roofing options come with natural finishes and textures, offering attractive roof designs while simultaneously reducing energy costs. Furthermore, these metal roofs can withstand fire and smoke very well; making them the ideal choice for homes exposed to harsh weather conditions like heavy rainfalls, hail storms, high winds and extreme temperatures.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing Indianapolis

Standing seam roofs are among the best metal roofs available, offering durability, energy efficiency, fireproof protection, and greater weather resistance than other options. While more costly than other options, standing seam roofs come packed with many advantages for durability and energy savings – not to mention fire resistance!

If you’re considering installing a standing seam metal roof on either your home or business, it is essential that you hire our experienced roofing company. We have with this kind of specialty. We have adequate insurance in the event that anyone gets hurt during installation process. We also provide you with an outline of work, timeline and warranty information as soon as possible.

Metal roofs have become one of the fastest-growing products in the roofing industry. Their popularity stems from being non-combustible, fireproof and weather-resistant features; including heavy snowfall and hail storms. Furthermore, metal roofs are highly durable and have long lifespans. Their energy-efficiency helps lower utility bills. Metal roofs can also reduce noise pollution.

standing seam metal roofing
steel roofing

Steel Roofing Indianapolis

Metal roofs add a modern flair to any home. Unlike asphalt shingles, steel roofs are durable enough to withstand severe weather conditions and even increase home value.

Metal roofing materials vary, including tin, aluminium, zinc, stainless steel, copper and lead. Each metal offers different advantages and disadvantages; stainless steel for instance is highly durable without corrosion issues and used widely in commercial settings – it also makes an excellent fire-resistant residential choice that stands up well to high winds.

Steel roofing comes in an assortment of styles and colors, is easy to install, requires less maintenance, and offers better dent protection than other types. Most residential metal roofs produced today come with 26 gauge thickness or thicker metal layers – thicker gauges provide superior dent protection.

Stainless Steel Roofing Indianapolis

Stainless steel is one of the strongest metals and an expensive roofing material, known for being corrosion resistant and withstanding extreme temperatures. Additionally, it can also be used as wall cladding.

If you’re considering installing a stainless steel roof on your home, it is imperative that you find a professional roofing company like ours with experience installing this type of system. As stainless steel roofs are specialized products that require different installation techniques than standard asphalt shingle roofs, you should make sure to hire certified roofers to do the installation process properly.

Also keep in mind that stainless steel roofs don’t include substrate warranties which means the underlying materials may become exposed over time and replacement may become necessary at some point.

stainless steel roofing
stone coated steel roofing

Stone Coated Steel Roofing Indianapolis

Stone coated steel roofing offers all of the advantages associated with metal roofs – long-term durability and energy efficiency, an attractive aesthetic and enhanced curb appeal. Stone coated steel is an excellent way to add curb appeal and improve home value!

Stone-coated steel roofs come in various styles such as shingle, tile and shake. They can be installed over traditional asphalt shingles or new construction homes; their cost depends on factors like square footage of home, number of stories and complexity of design as well as brand/style/installation method.

Stone coated steel roofs reflect sunlight instead of absorbing it, helping reduce heating and cooling bills by up to 30%, as well as helping lower carbon footprint. They are also considered fireproof since their stone coating helps block flying embers which could potentially damage roofs during fire outbreaks.

Tin Roofing Indianapolis

If you want a roof that will stand the test of time with minimal upkeep, consider tin roofing. We offer detailed scope of work for your project as well as timeline and warranty info – this communication upfront will likely save time later on and avoid problems with your project.

Although tin roofing was once immensely popular, its use has since declined as aluminum became more commonly utilized. Nowadays, when someone mentions “tin roof”, they typically mean steel or galvalume metal panels painted to provide rustic aesthetic.

Metal roofs are an increasingly popular choice among homeowners looking to improve their homes while increasing its value. Metal roofing systems are durable, lasting twice as long as traditional shingle roofs and resistant to fire, hail, and wind – perfect if you live in an area with extreme climate conditions.

tin roofing
zinc roofing

Zinc Roofing Indianapolis

Zinc roofing is one of the most stunning roof options available and widely admired for both its beauty and functionality. Similar to copper, zinc roofing undergoes an oxidation process known as patina that creates an antirust barrier against weather damage, UV rays and damage due to sunlight.

Zinc roofing materials tend to be more costly than other metal roof types. It should be noted that prices don’t always take into account flashing, underlayment material and fasteners that may be needed for installation, as well as limited uplift-tested options available for zinc standing seam panels; also expansion/contraction issues in certain climates could make installation problematic.

Due to these issues, some homeowners opt for Galvalume steel roofs painted with Kynar zinc patina coating instead to achieve the look of specialty metal at more reasonable costs.

Low Sloped Roofing Indianapolis

If your commercial roof features flat or low-sloping surfaces, it is crucial that repairs and replacements be conducted regularly to prevent water pooling on it and causing structural damage or leakage. If water pools on it for any length of time, pooling may occur leading to structural damages or leakages which will ultimately incur expenses in repairs or replacement.

But unlike steep-sloping roofs which use gravity to direct rainwater and snowmelt toward drains and gutters, flat and low-sloped roofs have no natural drainage system; they must instead rely on external measures, like installing gutters or drains, in order to keep excess water off their surfaces and prevent it from pooling on them.

Recent years have witnessed an emergence of many innovative roofing materials designed specifically for low-sloping or flat roofs. One option available to users is metal roofing systems; this method involves panels sealed together using machine seaming apparatus and then rolled onto their respective roof surfaces using machine seaming apparatus. Other choices may include built-up roofing (BUR), which includes layers of membrane and other materials; Durolast membrane roofing is one popular option that stands up well against fire, chemicals, grease punctures and high winds.

low sloped roofing
flat roofing

Flat Roofing Indianapolis

We offer comprehensive flat roofing services ranging from consultation and installation/repair to maintenance/restoration. With years of experience on various types of flat roofs and materials selection for different buildings’ specific requirements, our flat roofing experts offer professional assistance for flat roofing needs of any kind.

Flat roofing materials typically include Built-up roofing (BUR), EPDM, PVC and TPO – each offering their own benefits and drawbacks, so selecting the appropriate material is crucial to meeting building code compliance.

Flat roofs can last for decades when properly installed and maintained, and may also be more energy-efficient and require less maintenance than sloped roofs.

Although your flat roof should remain in good condition, regular inspection and maintenance inspection is still important to ensure its long-term integrity. This is particularly essential if you live in an area with harsh weather conditions. Flat roofs can provide outdoor space such as gardens or terraces which add value to homes or businesses alike and repairs and maintenance can easily be performed; saving both money and time over time.

EPDM Roofing Indianapolis

Ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) roofing material is an affordable choice for low-sloping and flat roofs, boasting an impressive lifespan of at least 20 years and being lightweight with few seams – making it resistant to extreme temperatures, UV radiation and wind conditions.

EPDM roofing membrane is typically available in either black or lighter white colors to help reduce heating bills in warmer climates by reflecting sunlight away. Furthermore, there are various thicknesses to meet any requirement or use of the building.

An economical roofing solution, rubber membrane is an extremely durable rubber membrane that’s waterproof and flexible – an ideal option for low slope roofs that don’t shed water as effectively like asphalt shingles would do. Adhered fully or partially mechanically or adhered with adhesive tapes or glue, rubber sheet roofs come either fully adhered or in rolls for convenience – perfect for commercial as well as residential structures depending on design needs.

epdm roofing
membrane roofing

Membrane Roofing Indianapolis

Membrane roofs create an impervious covering to protect buildings against rain and other elements, typically found on flat roofs. There are various types of membrane roofs; EPDM and TPO membranes are particularly popular options. Both materials consist of synthetic rubber that has been heated during production to fully cure it and ensure longevity and durability for years of protection.

Since centuries, builders have used sloped roofs to encourage rainwater or melting snow to run off, making watertight roofs even more essential. Without proper waterproofing, leaks could occur which could damage homes.

At this point, many building owners opt to install a roofing membrane. Roofing membranes are usually waterproof and come in various styles and materials; single-ply membranes may be heat weldable while others bonded directly to an underlayment with adhesives; PVC and TPO membranes are particularly popular, being heat weldable single-ply materials which help lower air conditioning costs by reflecting less sunlight back onto their underlayer.

PVC Roofing Indianapolis

PVC roofing membrane is an energy efficient single membrane option for commercial structures and, in certain instances, residential roofs. Like its rubber roofing counterparts TPO and EPDM (rubber), PVC offers strength, durability, energy efficiency as well as chemical and heat resistance; making it popularly used in chemical manufacturing facilities as well as refineries.

PVC roof sheets can be moved around quickly by roofing professionals and installed relatively quickly compared to other forms of commercial roofing materials. Seams on a PVC roof can either be heat fused or hot air welded for increased durability and long-term performance.

PVC roofing solutions may initially cost more than other solutions; however, they offer lower lifecycle costs thanks to minimal maintenance requirements and resistance against weathering and UV rays. Furthermore, PVC insulation values help lower energy costs significantly.

pvc roofing
Rubber, EPDM & TPO Roofing

Rubber Roofing Indianapolis

Rubber roofing is an ideal choice for flat or low-sloping roofs as it protects them from water damage while helping reduce energy bills thanks to being an excellent insulator. Made of recycled materials that can save money and last for decades in most climates, rubber roofs require much less maintenance than shingled roofs compared to their counterparts, being highly resistant to cracking, fading, discoloration, mold growth and mildew growth.

If you are considering installing a rubber roof, it is imperative that you consult our experienced roofers. Rubber roofing technology is relatively new; not all roofers know how to properly install it and doing so could cause major problems over the life of the roof.

Torch Down Roofing Indianapolis

Torch down roofing utilizes modified asphalt sheets fused together through heat from a torch. It is typically cheaper than other forms of roof material and can last for decades before needing replacing. Torch-down roofs can be ideal for flat or slight-pitch roofs as it offers great resistance against ponding water, plus excellent resistance against ponding water accumulation. This solution may also prove suitable as an environmentally-friendly way to keep roofs safe from leakage issues.

Torch down roof systems consist of an initial base layer with either a smooth or granular surface layer atop it, followed by additional coatings for increased fireproofing, UV ray protection or other purposes. As such, this creates an effective waterproof barrier which will help guard against leaks throughout its lifespan.

Installing this type of roof requires the expertise and assistance of experienced commercial roofing professionals like us, and any installation issues could cause leakage issues that need to be immediately addressed by our experienced commercial roofers in order to limit further structural damage to buildings. Should leakage arise, contact us immediately so we can seal leaks quickly.

torch down roofing
tpo roofing

TPO Roofing Indianapolis

TPO (Thermal Plastic Overlaminate) membranes have become an economical solution for commercial facilities due to their energy efficient properties and reflective white surface that works to deflect UV rays and heat, keeping interior temperatures more comfortable during warmer months. They feature polymer bases reinforced by polyester-reinforced fabric centers which make these TPO membranes highly durable while being able to withstand hailstorms as well as winds without damage or replacement needs.

TPO membrane seams can be heat welded together or covered with rubber granule layer to form an airtight seal, making this one of the most reliable flat roof systems available.

The roof of your commercial property plays a pivotal role in your building’s safety, curb appeal and durability. Therefore, when repairing or replacing it is imperative that you seek expert guidance from our roofing contractors. We specialize in helping businesses choose the ideal TPO, EPDM, PVC roofing system and install it expertly at an economical price.

Asphalt Shingle Roofing Indianapolis

Asphalt shingle roofing is one of the most popular choices among homeowners, due to its affordability, durability, weather resistance and versatility. An asphalt shingle roof may last for 30 years depending on quality and installation and can easily be replaced when damaged by high winds or hail storms.

Asphalt shingles come in various varieties, from three-tab shingles and architectural (laminated) options to multilayer laminated varieties. Three-tab shingles feature one layer of asphalt coated with coarse ceramic-coated opaque mineral granules to protect from UV rays while providing added fireproof qualities. Architectural laminated versions consist of multiple layers. This latter style features two layers of shingles bonded together for a multi-dimensional effect, commonly referred to as premium style shingles as they add curb appeal.

asphalt single roofing
composite roofing

Composite Roofing Indianapolis

Composite roofing should be considered when seeking to either upgrade your current roof or build one from scratch. Made up of recycled plastics and fiberglass materials, composite shingles offer protection from mold and mildew growth and make an excellent addition to any home’s aesthetics. They can even serve as an excellent means of insulation! These options have become increasingly popular among homeowners looking to upgrade their homes.

These shingles can be designed to look like slate or cedar shake, which makes them appealing to many homeowners. Furthermore, these lightweight yet more affordable shingles offer durability in areas prone to hailstorms.

We provides roofing solutions for both residential and commercial properties, including installation of new systems as well as repairs of aging ones, gutter installation/repair/replacement and skylight installations/replacements/repair.

Cedar Shake Roofing Indianapolis

Cedar shakes (or wood shingles) create an authentic rustic aesthetic for any home. Hand-cut to add value, these wood shingles require regular maintenance to prevent fire, water or insect damage.

If you own a cedar shake roof, professional maintenance services should be employed regularly in order to keep it in good condition and reduce leaks. In addition, we possess the experience needed to repair damaged or rotted shakes as well as replacing individual ones with identical color and size ones in order to eliminate gaps.

cedar shake roofing
cedar shingle roofing

Cedar Shingle Roofing Indianapolis

Cedar shingles and shakes are an ideal option for homeowners looking to add a traditional, natural aesthetic to their home. Made from natural materials that add beauty and value while providing protection from the elements. Lightweight yet durable and energy efficient, cedar roofs have been known to last for decades with regular maintenance.

The lifespan of a cedar roof depends on climate and type of wood used; over time its shakes or shingles may change color due to sun’s rays and other environmental influences.

Roll Roofing Indianapolis

Roll roofing may be an economical roofing material to consider; its flat design makes installation quick and simple while its wide variety of color choices and durability surpass that of asphalt shingles. Furthermore, roll roofs offer additional protection from mildew and mold growth while resisting fire-prevention hazards – but its aesthetic may not suit everyone.

If your roof needs replacing soon, it’s essential that you understand its cost in order to make an informed decision when selecting roofing materials and contractors for installation. We can also offer guidance as far as what would work best on your property.

Prep the area for installation by clearing away debris and cleaning the roof surface, making sure there are no cracks or other imperfections on it. Measure 35 inches up from the base of your roof and mark a chalk line across it to indicate where your first layer of roll roofing will go.

roll roofing
barn roofing

Barn Roofing Indianapolis

Barn roofs provide numerous advantages that are sure to reduce environmental impact and save money at the same time. From harvesting rainwater, protecting livestock from predators and providing more attractive outdoor spaces – to its durability in resisting hail damage, wind gusts and fire.

Choosing a high-quality metal roof to protect your barn can last decades while being easy to maintain and cost-efficient, saving both on heating and cooling bills while also safeguarding animals against weather extremes.

Garage Roofing Indianapolis

No matter whether your garage roof has a low slope or flat top, hiring our professional roofing contractors is essential for protecting it. We will help select appropriate materials while also repairing leaks.

Re-roofing costs vary based on materials, labor costs and job size. Furthermore, certain roof types are easier to replace than others and this factor will play a part in overall costs.

A new roof can significantly add value to any property, so if you are in the market for one, consider selecting a metal roof as your choice of material. Withstanding harsh weather conditions for up to 50 years while remaining eco-friendly. Our roofers can assist in finding the best metal roof option to meet your specific needs.

garage roofing
patio roofing

Patio Roofing Indianapolis

Patios and porches provide you with the ideal places to create memories with family and friends. However, the bright sun’s UV rays or weather elements can sometimes spoil outdoor gatherings, leaving guests in discomfort. Installing a roof cover to your patio provides partial coverage against harsh temperatures or rainfall for maximum outdoor fun!

Your patio roof should match its design and purpose. It should either make an architectural statement, coordinate with your home’s roof for an unified appearance, or stand out as unique – for instance a pergola roof provides shade while adding distinct style – or can even be covered in traditional-looking slats for more traditional looks.

We provide durable shingles designed to withstand Indiana’s climate, as well as installation, replacement, repair, restoration and coating services to both commercial and residential properties. Furthermore, we can inspect your roof and gutters to identify the source of any damage.

Shed Roofing Indianapolis

If your shed roof needs repairs, we offer quality roofing services for you. Choose between asphalt shingles, metal and composite options; metal roofs offer more energy efficiency than shingle ones and require little upkeep over their lifespan.

Unobtrusive gable vents will help to reduce moisture and help prevent mold. Roof ridge vents offer more efficient airflow along the length of the roof and may provide the solution to moisture build-up on top.

shed roofing
porch roofing

Porch Roofing Indianapolis

A porch roof helps shield a deck or patio from harsh weather conditions, but can be less resistant than other roofing materials when exposed to elements. Leaks from porch roofs may damage decks below and structures beneath; we provide services that repair leaks, seal cracks and replace damaged shingles as necessary.

We provide comprehensive roofing solutions to commercial, industrial, and residential properties – such as metal and shingle roofing as well as installation of ridge vent systems – as well as gutters, skylights, and painting services. We have been operating for more than a decade with an experienced team in installing or repairing residential and commercial roofing solutions.

Roof Coating Indianapolis

Roof leaks can be an immense headache for business owners, ranging from extreme weather events to debris build-up. One effective way of protecting against future damages and eliminating leaks altogether is investing in roof coating.

These coatings can be applied to existing metal and rubber roofs to provide protection from harsh weather conditions and to help prevent metal roofs from rusting. There are two primary commercial roof coating types – acrylic and silicone. Each provides its own set of advantages; but selecting the ideal option depends on your roof type and climate conditions.

Both roof coatings can be reapplied regularly to extend their effectiveness and decrease landfill waste, with many materials recyclable after use. Furthermore, unlike traditional roof replacement methods, roof coatings require minimal maintenance and don’t disrupt business activity, making them cost-effective options for commercial properties.

roof coating
roof painting

Roof Painting Indianapolis

Changing up its appearance by painting may help extend its lifespan and extend its useful life. To make sure this happens properly, it’s best to select an acrylic latex roof paint which contains mildew-fighting components and offers superior UV ray resistance.

Consider installing a reflective roof coating. This can reflect heat away from your building and help lower energy costs while keeping the home cooler during summer, often at less cost than replacement of an entire roof.

Silicone Roofing Indianapolis

Silicone roof coatings can be applied either by spraying or rolling and provide a high-performance waterproof barrier, resistant to oxidation, severe weather, ozone and UV rays – perfect for commercial properties with flat or low sloped roofs.

Before installing a silicone roof coating system, a thorough inspection must be conducted. An infrared scan can identify water saturation and potential problem areas on your roof surface while pressure washing will remove any contaminants that have collected on its surface.

Once your roof has been thoroughly cleaned, a primer layer will be applied to its seams before silicone roof coating material can be applied – either by spraying or rolling.

Restoration using silicone roof coating systems offers an affordable alternative to roof replacement. Restoration helps eliminate tear-off costs, decrease labor and landfill expenses and can even be completed without disrupting business activities.

silicone roofing
spray foam roofing

Spray Foam Roofing Indianapolis

Spray foam insulation creates a seamless barrier that insulates and protects roofs. It prevents water flow lateral movement, increases energy efficiency, lowers utility expenses, helps stop mold growth, and helps stop utility expenses.

Fluid-applied insulation foam allows it to easily conform to uneven surfaces, sealing all penetrations such as pipes, vents, cants, parapet walls and wall cappings. Being self-flashing reduces installation costs.

SPF roofing systems can be durable, yet still need regular re-coating to remain effective. Re-coating requires a fully dry surface that must be done between morning dewfall and sunset – we can work on it before dew appears or after sundown to avoid moisture damage that causes premature failure and blistering, contamination to coating, landscape damages as well as neighboring structures being affected by moisture on their underlying surfaces.

Gutter Installation Indianapolis

Gutters serve many important purposes, including channeling rainwater away from houses to prevent foundation damage and basement flooding. Unfortunately, gutters can become clogged with leaves, twigs, shingle grit and animal droppings over time – without proper maintenance, they may become water-logged with mold which damages both shingle rot as well as mildew that threaten the structure of homes.

To ensure your gutters are installed correctly, hire our experienced roofers with expertise in this field. We can explain how they’ll avoid damaging eaves during installation and what steps will be taken afterwards to clean and maintain them effectively in order to prevent future problems with them.

We use quality screws instead of nails when attaching gutters to fascia boards, and install downspouts that direct rainwater away from your house.

gutter installation
gutter replacement

Gutter Replacement Indianapolis

Gutter systems are an integral component of home structures, helping direct water away from foundation and structural components. If your gutters appear dented or sagging it may be time for an upgrade to an entirely new system.

Our professional gutter installers can install various options and accessories to enhance both drainage and aesthetics of your home. Gutter guards prevent leaves, twigs, and other debris from entering gutters – eliminating clogs and making cleaning simpler – while extensions can reroute runoff water to an underground drain, dry well, or daylight outlet.

We have all of the credentials to complete your gutter replacement project safely and correctly. In addition, we know which local building codes and safety regulations your remodel complies with – this can save both hassle and money in the long run!

Gutter Repair Indianapolis

Guttering directs rainwater away from your house, preventing it from overflowing and damaging it further. Overflowing gutters can cause erosion to landscaping, basement flooding and discolored siding which must all be prevented through regular maintenance. Gutter maintenance should include regular inspection and cleaning to avoid these potential pitfalls.

Gutter attachment methods typically include sleeve-and-spike supports, fascia brackets nailed to walls or strap hangers on roofs. If a gutter sags despite all hangers being secure, additional support brackets may need to be installed; otherwise if holes develop in sections of guttering you can patch them with roof cement and metal roof flashing; an easy way of cutting flashing would be purchasing aluminum sheet-metal rolls from home centers then using tin snips to cut it.

Gutter leaks typically start at rusty spots or seams that open due to expansion and contraction, and can be stopped by patching rusty areas and sealing seams with silicone sealant or caulking; downspouts and end caps may also require sealing with caulk for leak-free performance.

gutter repair
attic venting installation

Attic Venting Installation Indianapolis

Installing an attic vent correctly allows hot air to escape the attic and reduces the amount of stagnant heat which could seep into other parts of your home, helping extend its lifespan while cutting energy costs at the same time.

There are various methods of attic ventilation available to homeowners today, including soffit and ridge vents. Of these two vents, ridge vents are by far the most efficient as they create an opening at the top ridge of your roof which directs airflow out while also allowing hot air to escape while cool air enters through an opening in their design.

Our professional roofers use nails from inside the attic to mark preferred locations between rafters. Next, shingles and underlayment must be cut away before using roofing cement to secure a flanged vent underneath them – and possibly replaced afterward if necessary. As always, when working on roofs, we take all safety precautions necessary.

Attic Venting Repair Indianapolis

Attic venting enables hot air to escape the attic and cool your home by relieving strain from your HVAC system and helping prevent ice dams in winter and excess moisture that can lead to mold and mildew growth.

Roof ventilation can often become compromised by clogged gutters or debris accumulation in the attic ceiling. Therefore, it’s a good idea to perform a visual check of all attic vents on windy days in order to make sure they remain free of obstructions.

If a clog isn’t the issue, a new vent cover might be necessary to block driving rain and keep out snow, sleet, and hail. Possible solutions could include installing breathable shields over top of vents to block driving rain without blocking ventilation; or baffles fitted inside vents which allow airflow past insulation layers.

Soffit vents come in rectangular or continuous configurations and work alongside your attic vents to bring air in and out of your attic space. Gable vents with controllable openings oriented outward can also help push air out of the attic space.

attic venting repair
skylight installation

Skylight Installation Indianapolis

Skylights can add natural light into any dark room or add an eye-catching feature to any home, providing essential relief against winter blues and helping reduce energy bills. To get the most from your skylight, be sure to schedule routine maintenance services with us.

Before installing a skylight, we will conduct an assessment to make sure the existing structure can support it and will consult with you about its size and placement based on factors like framing trusses and what is in the attic over your desired room.

After framing an opening with lumber to match your skylight, we secure it by nailing shingles around it to seal off leaks and install ice and water shields to prevent further leakage. Once this process has completed, we’ll seal off shingle gaps using deck sealant before attaching the bottom flange.

Skylight Replacement Indianapolis

Skylights make an attractive addition to any home. By adding natural light into dark rooms and improving indoor airflow and ventilation, skylights bring natural illumination while simultaneously decreasing energy bills and making life more comfortable in your house.

Skylights require regular maintenance in order to stay in good shape. Signs of damage such as cracks, leaks and discolorations should be addressed quickly as these issues could lead to moisture damage, mold growth and even rotting if left unaddressed.

Skylight replacement is often the better solution when trying to repair old or damaged skylights, since adding them during roof tear-off is much more cost effective than later repairs. New skylights feature flashing to shed water more efficiently without depending on sealants that may break down over time; additionally, having it professionally installed by us ensures long-term use in your home.

skylight replacement
skylight repair

Skylight Repair Indianapolis

Skylights can provide natural lighting without blocking out your view, yet over time they may become leaky, creating major issues in your home and potentially damaging the ceiling and materials beneath it. Therefore, it is imperative that skylights be regularly checked by professionals like us.

Professional roof repair cement or caulking will create a tight seal between dissimilar materials in frame and lens to provide an airtight seal against leakage or malfunction. We can also fix broken frames, damaged lenses and malfunctioning controls quickly.

Leakage from skylights can cause serious water damage to attic spaces, insulation layers and roofs. Our professional help can identify and address potential issues before they become serious; additionally we will advise you on which skylight will best fit the needs of your home and install one as part of any re-roofing project if desired.

About Indianapolis

Established as the state capital in 1821, Indianapolis quickly emerged as a regional center for banking and insurance within decades of its founding. Thanks to its location on the White River and Indiana Central Canal as well as railroad expansion, Indianapolis quickly blossomed as a financial and insurance center as early as its history. Today it continues its reign as an industrial and cultural powerhouse as well as hosting festivals and exhibits of all sorts.

Visitors to Indianapolis can marvel at a wide range of architectural styles, spanning the neoclassical Indiana Statehouse to the Art Deco Indianapolis City Market. Visitors should not miss seeing Monument Circle; built to honor soldiers who fought in the American Civil War, its stunning neoclassical monument features statues depicting peril and courage during war along with a figure representing victory at its center.

Sports fans in Indianapolis can enjoy watching NBA team the Indiana Pacers (18,000-seat Conseco Fieldhouse) or NFL’s Indianapolis Colts (56,000-seat RCA Dome), respectively. Indianapolis Motor Speedway hosts an Indy 500 road race which draws more than 250,000 people every Memorial Day weekend.

Local restaurants and acclaimed breweries make Indianapolis an exceptional foodie destination. It is widely known that its signature dish, the pork tenderloin sandwich, can be found almost every restaurant here. James Beard-recognized chefs can be found at Bluebeard and Vida so there are numerous fine dining opportunities in Indianapolis.

Circle Centre Mall is one of the city’s many shopping centers, serving as an important regional destination with stores including Von Maur, Sears, Kohl’s and Macy’s – among many others.

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