Rolled Roofing Indianapolis: Residential, Commercial, Installation, Replacement, Repair, Etc.

Roll roofing is an economical and short-term roofing option that can be installed over existing roofs, making installation affordable for nearly every budget. Our professional Indianapolis rolled roof contractors can assist in selecting materials best suited for your home and lifestyle.

Prior to installing rolled roofing, it is crucial that the surface be clean, dry and free from debris.

Residential Rolled Roofing Indianapolis

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Residential rolled roofing is a quick and simple alternative to more challenging roof renovation materials, being relatively cheap as well. Available at any home improvement warehouse and easily assembled into long strips for transport. However, its style options may be limited and durability not as strong.

Since rolled roofing may only last a few years, it should only be considered as a short-term solution until you’re ready to replace it with something more permanent. Unfortunately, its aesthetic qualities make it less than ideal; our professional assistance should be sought if considering this type of roof covering. Underlayment should also be selected appropriately so as to provide additional environmental protection against potential environmental hazards; drip edge flashing installed around edges will protect from moisture intrusion as will sealing edges with cement sealant when the roll roofing has been installed.

Commercial Rolled Roofing Indianapolis

Commercial rooftops take a severe beating from Mother Nature. From torrential downpours and snowfall to the fierce winds prevalent in Indianapolis, it is vital that commercial roofs be constructed using high-quality materials that will safeguard your business and keep its finances flowing smoothly.

Roll roofing systems offer an economical option for low-sloping commercial roofs, lasting up to 10 years with proper care and maintenance. Installation starts by applying a layer of adhesive followed by rolls of roofing felt rolled on top.

TPO roofing membranes are another popular choice for commercial flat roofs, offering highly reflective surfaces and helping reduce energy usage for commercial properties.

Built-up or tar and gravel roofs are traditional forms of commercial roof systems that utilize layers of asphalt, tar, and fabric as building material. Low maintenance requirements make these UV protective roofs popular; regular inspections by our expert commercial roofing contractors should help detect leaks before they cause significant damage.

Rolled Roof Installation Indianapolis

Rolled roofing offers homeowners looking for a durable roof renovation a great alternative to traditional shingle shingles, making installation quick and affordable while boasting fire resistance as well as energy efficiency ratings that far outstrip their counterparts.

Installing a rolled roof requires cleaning and drying the surface. Next, lay a layer of roofing felt on the roof to help prevent leaks before rolling roofing material onto it and leaving an overhang of about 1/2 inch before nailing into place with roofing nails.

We provide comprehensive residential and commercial roofing services. Our team can install, repair, recover and seal any type of roof; in addition to offering guttering, skylights, and attic venting options. Our crews take great pride in offering excellent communication and quality craftsmanship.

Rolled Roof Replacement Indianapolis

As your roof nears the end of its lifespan, replacement may become necessary. Although no homeowner looks forward to this decision, it must be made to protect home and belongings.

Rolled roofing is an economical choice that provides great protection. Additionally, installation is relatively straightforward: just prepare the surface by clearing away existing materials and making sure that it is clean and dry, then add a base layer of roofing felt for extra insulation.

Once your felt is installed, you can begin installing rolled roofing. Starting at one end and working your way across, make sure to overlap edges while nailing rolls down with galvanized nails 6-10 inches apart along the roof length. Be sure to seal any plumbing vents prior to finishing this project which should take no more than a few hours.

Rolled Roof Repair Indianapolis

Damaged commercial and industrial roofs can be costly to replace or repair, yet our rolled roofing installation and repair services offer cost-cutting options while providing long-term durability for your building.

Rolled roofs are easy to install and require less materials than traditional shingles, making them the ideal solution for low-sloping roofs such as sheds, work sheds, garages, barns or tree houses. Installation involves first laying a layer of roofing felt on your roof then rolling your roofing over it before fastening with galvanized nails.

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