Roof Coating Indianapolis: Commercial, Residential, Industrial, Etc.

Leaks on commercial roofs can be an inconvenience that is both disruptive and expensive to repair. A roof coating application may provide an economical and timely solution.

Roof coatings seal seams and prevent leaks while creating a reflective surface to reduce building energy costs by keeping interior temperatures cooler – mitigating thermo-cycling effects and decreasing harmful effects to property.

Our Roof Coating Services

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No matter if you are a homeowner looking for roof repair or a business looking to extend the lifespan of their commercial property, our top-quality roofing services provide top quality solutions. Additionally, you can hire us for roof painting projects.

Roof coatings provide protection for your building while also maintaining optimal interior climate conditions. In addition, they reflect up to 85% of UV rays which helps cut energy costs significantly and can be applied directly onto flat or existing metal roofs.

Roof coatings offer an effective alternative to full roof replacement. Not only can this option save thousands, it can restore functionality to your roof while saving thousands in maintenance costs. There are two types of coating available – silicone and acrylic.

Metal Roof Coating Indianapolis

Roof coatings are applied directly onto an existing metal roof structure and dry into a single protective layer, helping stop leaks and extend its life for years to come. Leaks tend to form at seams or where protrusions such as air conditioning vents connect; by using coatings you can eliminate these seams while expanding its protective coverage as far as these connections.

Our metal roof coatings offer superior energy efficiency by reflecting UV rays away and keeping climate controlled indoor air from escaping through your roof. Plus, they protect buildings against existing rusting as well as future oxidization!

There are various types of metal roof coatings, and selecting the appropriate one for you depends on both your specific needs and budget. Elastomeric coats are rubbery in nature and can stretch and shrink with changing Indiana weather without harming metal roofing systems. Silicone offers another long-lasting moisture cured option which protects against erosion or becomes brittle over time.

Residential Roof Coating Indianapolis

Residential roof coatings allow homeowners to extend the lifespan of asphalt shingle roofing, thus saving time, money, and resources on full replacement costs while keeping home values intact and decreasing the number of shingles sent directly to landfills annually.

We have been serving the Indianapolis local community for over 10 years. We promise our customers unrivaled loyalty and accessibility. Boasting an average 5-star rating on Google reviews as proof of this pledge to customer service excellence, we provide repair and replacement roof services, guttering, skylights, and attic venting.

Silicone roof coatings require minimal rooftop equipment for application and can be utilized on most traditional roofing systems. Their highly reflective properties reduce leak-forming seams while simultaneously decreasing thermo-cycling – the process whereby sunlight wears down roof materials prematurely due to expansion and contraction cycles – by reflecting heat away from them and off of them more quickly.

Commercial Roof Coating Indianapolis

Cool roof coatings can significantly lower interior temperatures and energy costs in high-rise buildings by reflecting sunlight back out into space while keeping it cooler for the occupants. Furthermore, these coatings can also be applied on low slope commercial roofing systems or flat roofs to keep temperatures down further.

These durable coatings come in an assortment of colors to meet any roofing system’s aesthetic and can be installed using airless spray equipment, rollers or brushes for installation.

Silicone coatings, in particular, are great choices for humid climates because they can withstand ponding water without warranty or guarantee exclusions for such situations. Other coatings like urethane are more versatile in protecting substrates from mildew and chemical exposure as they balance between strength and elongation for added durability.

An additional advantage of roof coating for commercial properties is that its installation does not involve removal or replacement of an existing roofing system, making installation quicker and more cost effective than replacement work, while still allowing business to run as normal during its implementation.

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Roof coatings can provide an easy way to waterproof a commercial roof, reduce energy costs and stop leaks without incurring the expenses and hassle associated with replacing or tearing off an old one.

Leaks in roofs can cause expensive damage to equipment, inventory, and products; as well as lead to mold growth that poses health risks for employees and tenants.

Our crew members have extensive experience restoring flat and low slope commercial roofing, such as built-up, single ply, modified bitumen and PVC systems. We also provide roof restoration and repair services.

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