Skylight Installation Indianapolis: Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Etc.

Add more light into your home with a skylight, from traditional shapes and sizes to round “sun tunnels” that can vent fresh air in.

Our Skylight Installation Services

skylight installation indianapolis

Skylights can provide natural lighting in your space, elevating mood and decreasing dependence on electric lighting. Skylights also increase energy efficiency and add value while adding a distinctive design element.

No matter the scope or size of your skylight needs, our team can assist. We offer an expansive selection of skylights and roof windows, including popular models that’s great for closets, hallways, bathrooms and other smaller spaces. These skylights can be opened for ventilation while offering views to the outdoors or closed for ultimate privacy – and can come complete with remote controls so you can open or close them from anywhere within your home!

Residential Skylight Installation Indianapolis

Skylights can be a wonderful addition to a home as they allow natural light into rooms, helping reduce artificial lighting needs and therefore saving on energy bills. Furthermore, skylights also add aesthetic value.

One of the more frequent issues homeowners experience with residential skylights is leaking. If your skylight has begun leaking, it’s essential that repairs be scheduled immediately or you could face water damage to both the ceiling and other rooms of your home.

We have the experience in this type of work. We will provide you with a quote and timeframe within your budget, along with providing an accurate idea of the results you can expect.

If you want the maximum natural lighting without installing windows, a tubular skylight may be just what’s needed. This style uses a light pipe from the attic all the way down into your ceiling to bring in plenty of sunshine – with different sizes and styles available including some that even feature blinds to control how much sun enters a room at one time.

Commercial Skylight Installation Indianapolis

Skylights can be great additions to commercial properties, providing additional natural lighting in darkened spaces and helping reduce energy costs and emissions as well as decreasing reliance on electric lighting.

Our team is equipped to work closely with architects, owners and contractors in providing daylighting analysis and design solutions for different commercial roof types and applications.

Our skylight installation services can make an interior space seem larger by filling it with natural light and adding fresh air. Skylights come in various sizes and styles to fit into any project perfectly.

Commercial fixed skylights offer an economical way to meet all of your indoor daylighting needs, with options that include blinds for creating custom skylight solutions as well as three patented layers of water protection to ensure no rain leaks into the room below.

We can bring natural light and fresh air into any home without the need for curtains that limit views or block out sunlight – providing natural illumination without obstruction and the chance for uninterrupted sunshine exposure. A skylight provides bright illumination, perfect for lighting up any kitchen, living area or bedroom space.

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Skylights can bring natural light into any home and are an effective way to reduce energy costs, improve air quality and add to its resale value. But for maximum effectiveness when installing new skylights, you should hire our professional installers. Request your free estimate from us before making a final decision.

We are skylight specialists offering an extensive line of high performance, energy-efficient architectural grade daylighting solutions from traditional skylights, fixed skylights, solar tubes and sun tunnels – we can assist you with all your daylighting needs! With over 10 years of experience we are here to help you.

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